FSPS Arkansas Consolidated School Improvement Plant (ACSIP) Wellness Actions

Wellness Priority Actions 2016-2017

• Students in grades K-6 will receive sixty (60) minutes of scheduled physical education training and instruction, and ninety (90) minutes of physical activity each calendar week of the school year. Physical activity may include: additional physical education classes, physical activity during the regular school day such as daily recess, walking programs, intramurals, and integration of physical activity into the academic curriculum.
• Students in grade 7-8 will receive sixty (60) minutes of physical education each calendar week of the school year (or an equivalent amount of time each school year).
• Students in grades 9-12 are required to take one half (1/2) unit of physical education.
• Limit access to foods that are of minimal nutritional value during the declared school day.
• Encourage the use of the Community Resource guide provided by United Way and placed in school Parent Centers for parental access.
• Encourage participation in extracurricular programs that support physical activity.
• Provide tobacco prevention and cessation program information in the secondary schools.
• Implementation of the Kids for Health Program in all elementary schools. This will include professional development for physical education teachers.
• BMI results will be charted and analyzed annually.
• Marketing efforts in the area of nutrition to be displayed in or near all school cafeterias. Posters and frames are being purchased by the Child Nutrition department child nutrition budget at an estimated cost of $2730.00.
• Student surveys will be conducted annually for the purpose of gaining insight and input from students in the area of nutritional knowledge and food service.
• The wellness committee will monitor the implementation and effectiveness of each action based upon a review of the School Health Index results and student surveys.
• 2011-2012 was Year Three of the annual fitness assessments for all 4-12th grade physical education students. Each school will develop a written summation of their student’s performance results. In Year Four, 2012-2013, Year Four each school reviewed and took actions based upon the summation of the previous year’s performance report. In Year Five, 2013-2014, each school determined if the interventions it undertook, based upon 2012-2013 data, yielded positive results. In Year Six, 2014-2015, Year Six each school will refine it's interactions to improve student performance on the annual fitness assessment.
• Nutrition and physical activities committee will look for ways to encourage healthy living among faculty and staff.
• Comprehensive Needs Assessment: BMI assessment and completion of the School Health Index will be completed at each school this year. Actions will be implemented based upon the results of the analysis. Data will be analyzed to determine future needs.
• Program Evaluation: School Health Index for 2013-2014 indicate that within the elementary school sites student and family involvement in planning meals is the area of greatest need. The secondary schools indicated sites outside the cafeteria offering appealing, low fat items is the area of greatest need.
• Provide professional development on asthma to faculty.
• Parents will be informed of parent involvement opportunities at Annual Report to the public and supplemented during Parent Teacher Conferences.
• PE teachers are encouraged to be certified in CPR and knowledgeable in the operation of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

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